June 5, 2020


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How to Sell Heavy Equipment With AdWords

Selling heavy equipment online has become necessary to keep up with competition and stay in business. Google AdWords is one the best, cost efficient tools a business owner has at its disposal. Following is a check list of how to get started selling more equipment with Google AdWords.

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    1. Create a Google AdWords account. Begin with a unique email address and billing information (billing address, credit/debit card). Determine a budget amount for your initial deposit. This is the amount willing to spend on ads showing on search results.


    1. Decide how to organize the account. Google breaks down accounts into campaigns and ad groups. Campaigns can be equipment categories like Bulldozers, Excavators, Cranes, etc. or a specific machine. Each campaign then breaks down further into Ad Groups. These contain the keywords that trigger the ad and the ads that appear in search results.


    1. Keyword research. Google allows 1,000’s of keywords per Ad Group but recommend using no more than 100 to keep it manageable. Keyword/Search Term is either a word or phrase someone would use in a Google search to locate a specific machine likeĀ Cat D6R. Certain keywords have a lot of advertising competitors while others have little to no advertising competitors. Competition helps determine how to setup bids for certain keywords i.e. high competition higher bids, low competition lower bid.


    1. Create ads to attract prospective customers. Google allows 100’s ads per Ad Group which can be used to test which verbiage gets the most attention/clicks. Ads need to be relevant to the keyword/search term and to the webpage associated with the ad. These play into the ads Quality Score issued by Google. The better the score, Google will charge less per bid and display the ad higher than a competing ad for the same keyword/search term with a lower Quality Score.


  1. Enable ads and begin attracting new customers. Once the Ad Group is approved and enabled, the ad(s) will begin appearing in search result pages. Using tracking tools within AdWords, statistics will start showing which keywords are attracting the most clicks, called Click Through Ratio (CTR). With the information from AdWords, Ad Groups can be fine tuned to get the most clicks per bid amount.

Google AdWords give business owners a highly effective tool to attract new customers looking to buy the specific machines the business owner is selling. A simple website and a manageable advertising budget is all it takes to begin selling heavy equipment online.