August 10, 2020


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Funnel Management Cheat Sheet

Plenty of everyday activities have a step-by-step process. Consider what it takes to make a cup of coffee:

1) Locate coffee grounds. 2) Insert filter into coffee maker. 3) Pour grounds into maker. 4) Add water. 5) Press start button.

Managing your sales funnel to keep it from clogging or drying up and progressing opportunities to a close can be just as straight forward as prepping your morning java. By prioritizing a few critical activities, you can simplify and speed up your funnel management process.

First, classify the accounts you’re working on into one of four categories: Best Few – those opportunities nearest to a win; Above the Funnel – opportunities you have verified as having a need for your solution; In the Funnel – those you have determined to have the potential to close; and Universe – information exists suggesting the organization may be an ideal prospect. clickfunnels review From there, follow this sequence to avoid a dry funnel and move sales forward:

  1. Best Few: Work on completing tasks that will advance opportunities nearest to a close, like ensuring you’re connected with the person who will make the final decision.
  2. Universe: Top-performers look for new business opportunities immediately after closing business to avoid an empty funnel. Look for information that suggests prospects may have a need for your solution.
  3. Above the Funnel: Qualify these opportunities by identifying the key players in the organization and uncovering their issues.
  4. In the Funnel: Move these opportunities closer to the Best Few position by connecting with the key contacts and discussing how your solution addresses their objectives.

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